Version 2.0.7 is here!

We just released version 2.0.7, which contains some bugfixes and exciting innovations.


  • Newsletter: Import of recipients corrected (fields with special characters in their names and group preselection)
  • History: Problems with special characters (Layouts, Modules, Stylesheets, Scripts, Module-Templates) corrected
  • Categories/Articles: Automatically generated articles had „&” instead of „&” in their names
  • Categories/Articles: Articles weren't generated in trees
  • Module-Templates: Extended templates with Smarty-like information were shown wrongly
  • Templates: For container with 'types=""' no modules were shown
  • Categories: Aliases were reset on moving up/down (may/must only while moving into different parent category)


  • File manager: Mass File Uploader with configuration possibility for semi-automatic image reworking (see below)
  • Lists (left frames): Symbols are output more meaningful (no locked trash bin + "in use" icon)
  • Backend languages: Support for more possible languages (see below)
  • Articles: When switching the client language while in Editor or Preview view, in the selected language you are redirected to the Editor view for the same/synchronized article (may need browser cache to be cleared)

File manager - Mass File Uploader - Configuration

The entire configuration is done through System and/or Client settings with the following possibilities:

  • Type: image-upload
  • Name: default
  • Value: <number of the configuration> (see following)

For all configurations, the following applies:

  • Typ: image-upload-<number>

Following settings are available on the following names:

  • name - language-independant name, gets shown for selection
  • name-<Language-ID> - language-dependant name, takes precedence over the language-independent name
  • width - width to scale the image (pixel value)
  • height - height to scale the image (pixel value)
  • crop - is the image to be circumcised (true/false)
  • expand - should/can a too small image be enlarged (true/false)
  • fixed - should the produced image necessarily have the specified dimensions (possibly edges in the color "color") (true/false)
  • gamma - value for the gamma correction (values from 0 to 9 allowed, resulting in a gamma value of 1.0 to 1.9)
  • color - color value (RGB Hex, 6 digits, eg. FFFFFF for white) for coloring the background of the free areas (not in PNG and GIF, these support transparency)

These settings affect only images (file extension .png, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg), other files are just uploaded.

Backend languages - Support

A list of the possible, supported languages can be found in /drugcms/includes/include.cultures.php (the old list is in /drugcms/includes/functions.i18n.php line 287+).
To add a new language, from now on the following will do:

  • create a new folder in /drugcms/locale/ named after a $aCultureCodes with files drugcms.po and in it's subfolder LC_MESSAGES,
  • create a file in lang_<value from $aCultureCodes>.xml in /drugcms/xml/.

For setup you need to:

  • create a new folder in /setup/locale/ named after a $aCultureCodes with files setup.po and in it's subfolder LC_MESSAGES,
  • create a file <Wert aus $aCultureCodes>.png in /setup/images/flags/.

For the flag icon there is a file /setup/images/flags/flags.png to create the symbol in the correct size.

You may download the new version here, we wish you fun and success with it!