The WCMS drugCMS

Read here what characterizes the open source web content management system

drugCMS is a professional, yet freely available system. It is future-oriented and uses state of the art technics. It combines many of the possibilities of other systems and offers new features, which significantly simplify the work on and with the system.

A few of the advantages are:

  • Simplest content management by the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor
  • Backup and restore the database on mouse click
  • Output of Stylesheet and Javascript files as well as the page code in compressed form (faster, uses less Bandwidth)
  • Insertion of QR-codes (page address or entered text)

And for developer:

  • Information on Styles, Stylesheet and Javascript files directly in the module output (are moved into the HEAD area on output and get compressed, adjustable)
  • Modules can be swapped out into files and later synchronized to the database for easier editing
  • Module and Plugin templates can now use instructions simmilar to smarty

What possibilities does drugCMS offer?

drugCMS roughly consists of two parts: the frontend, the actual website visitors get shown, and the backend admin interface. Both parts can be extended in a simple manner.

The frontend
can be extended for functionality through the use of modules. For example, the picture gallery in the examples (demo client) is a module.

The backend
can be extended through the use of plugins. Examples are the SEO URL plugin, which generates so-called "Clean URLs", search engine friendly addresses, for the site's pages, and the newsletter plugin, which enables you to send newsletters directly from the backend.

Plugins, the extensions for the backend, themselves have no direct visual impact on the pages in the frontend. This happens (if necessary, for example the newsletter subscription) via associated modules.

In the community there already are many individual extensions for a variety of tasks for frontend and backend, which in most cases - as drugCMS itself - are available free of charge. Thus, the system is already prepared for a lot of tasks, and almost daily new extensions are added (partly charged). And if there is no suitable extension for your needs, we can customize an existing, or develop a new one.