Version 2.0.2 ist here!

We just released version 2.0.2, which contains some bugfixes and a couple of new things.


  • Tooltip on logo in backend (logged in) corrected
  • Corrected an encoding problem for error messages in the Backend and suppressed non functioning saving question
  • Module Navigation_Main: Incorrect SQL statement in the include file
  • File manager: Create a new folder after deleting the active folder didn't work
  • modFileEdit: Folder and file names had stripped non-ascii characters (are now converted)
  • Output-Compressor: HTML compression header could not be outputted when CMD_DATE was used
  • mb_convert_encoding() in some cases had a problem detecting the used encoding
  • Edit-Area (for layouts, modules, ...) has been updated because of problems with Firefox 29
  • File manager: Non-ascii characters are now correctly converted in UTF-8 (were deleted)
  • Module-Package: Selection of additional files wasn't saved
  • Module-Import: Import of modules with non-ascii characters stopped at the first non-ascii character (incomplete modules)
  • SEO-URL: Articles in trees (not subcategories) were not found when using article suffixes (.html) was switched of


  • modFileEdit is now switched on and of using a client setting and offers links to „export to files” and „Synchronize” / „Synchronize and delete files”
    Type: modules_in_files
    Name: use
    Value: true / false (false is default)
  • Implemented a new class with static form-field check methodes:
    - FormValidation::isExistingEmailAddress($email)
    - FormValidation::isExistingUrl($url)
    - FormValidation::isValidDate($date, $format = '')
    - FormValidation::isValidEmailAddress($email)
    - FormValidation::isValidName($name)
    - FormValidation::isValidNumber($number)
    - FormValidation::isValidPhoneNumber($phone)
    - FormValidation::isValidUrl($url)
  • The compressor now puts the Javascript code at the end of the BODY tag in order to let the browser build the page faster, even when the javascript code has errors or is disabled in the browser. Because of this, actions like document.write('xxx')won't work as expected anymore and must be overworked (document.getElementById('yyy').innerHTML = 'xxx').

You can find a complete list of the changes here.

You may download the new version here, we wish you fun and success with it.