Version 2.0.5 is here!

We just released version 2.0.5, which contains some bugfixes and innovations.


  • An administrator could not see secure categories in the frontend
  • Meta tags were not deleted with the article
  • Preview images in the file manager were badly positioned and scaled
  • In CMS_TEASER one could not delete manually added articles
  • In CMS_FILELIST under "manually" the symbols were shown overlapped
  • In TinyMCE editor no symbol was shown for an anchor
  • SEO-URL: Anchors got lost on redirecting in artice properties
  • Categorie names partially were not shown correctly
  • Newsletter: MAIL_DATE and MAIL_TIME were wrongly formatiert
  • Newsletter: The link to the online article didn't work in the jobs
  • Group rights for backend user were ignored
  • The "settings" boxes in the left pane were always open
  • Backend: Missing translations were added
  • Backend: The "Forgot password" function now works
  • Backend/Plugins: All mails now get the right encoding as the charset
  • DB Backup: The index.php file won't be listed anymore
  • ...


  • Most functions from /cms/includes/ are now availabe as system functions
  • SEO-URL now automatically generates category links for start articles (/home/ instead of /home/home)
  • Newsletter: The online Articles are now personalized through the link in the newsletter mail (same data)
  • Passwords in the system expert and client settings won't be shown in plain text anymore
  • By system expert or client setting new categories automatically get a start article
    Setting: type = system | name = auto-generate-start-articles | value = true
    Another setting switches those start articles offline
    Setting: type = system | name = auto-generated-start-articles-online | value = false
  • Modules: Folders and files are generater with global rights
  • Modules: A new symbol shows which modules are edited in files
  • Database: The encoding is set immediately after establishing the connection
  • Deeplink into the backend: By parameter idartlang the backend automatically navigates to the editor for the article in the right language
  • Backend: Symbols in the left pane are in front of the text, which makes them visible without the need to scroll
  • Backend: The symbols are now in the color of drugCMS (after an upgrade you may need to empty your browser's cache before you see them)

You may download the new version here, we wish you fun and success with it!