Version 2.0.3 ist here!

We just released version 2.0.3, which contains a Bugfix and a couple of new things.


  • All XML files for the backend navigation have been converted to UTF-8, because on Strato they weren't shown correctly.


  • Multiple dynamic areas in module templates possible. In addition to <!-- BEGIN:BLOCK -->, <!-- END:BLOCK -->, $oTpl->set('d' und $oTpl->next() one can now use numbered blocks: <!-- BEGIN:BLOCK:1 -->, <!-- END:BLOCK:1 -->, $oTpl->set('d1' und $oTpl->next(1). Possible numbers go from 1 to 999, the numbers may be randomly used. Overall (including the "old" block without number) we now have 1000 dynamic areas per module template available!
  • A new class with graphics functions for generating "drawn" graphics has been added. You may find it, together with an example file for the usage in modules and plugins, in the folder /drugcms/classes/graphics/. The class file doesn't have to be included with cInclude().

You can find a complete list of the changes here.

You may download the new version here, we wish you fun and success with it.