Version 2.0.1 is here!

We just released version 2.0.1, which contains some bugfixes and a couple of new things.


  • Alias-Generation now takes non-ascii characters into account in UTF-8
  • Saving user rights for the „Content” area with active filter doesn't overwrite filtered settings anymore
  • All texts of the „SEO-URL” plugin are translated
  • Keyword-Generation now uses a filter list for each speach (/drugcms/plugins/chains/createmetatags/conf/stopwords_XX.php)


  • SEO-URL now returns error code 404 for not found pages
  • SEO-URL can now put the language code („en” for english) in the URL instead of the name of the language
  • SEO-URL can now generate and process URL's without file extensions („.html”), even on URL's to articles
  • Navigation modules (MegaMenu, Navigation_Main und Navigation_Meta) can now process URL's with external redirect, which should be opened in a new window/tab

You can download the new version here, we wish you fun and success with it.